Unboxing Ringly

I won Ringly in a raffle at one of our R/GA Accelerator events last year, and I finally received it in the mail today. So let’s unbox it!

去年行われたR/GA Acceleratorのイベントの際、運良く抽選で当たったRingly。今日やっと郵便で届いたので、早速中身をあけてみましょう。

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Nike Innovation Summit 2012

During the 2012 Nike Innovation Summit in Lower Manhattan, Nike announced their new Bluetooth and sensor-enabled Nike+ sneaker. For the event, they asked us to create the software that visualized the live data received from the sneakers via Bluetooth, as the athletes on the stage performs dunks, foot fires and jump ropes. In the multi-player mode, the players were able to compete against each other. The software was used during the live presentation on the big screen, as well as on the several kiosk screens set up at the TrialZone area for the media coverage.

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