Unboxing Ringly

I won Ringly in a raffle at one of our R/GA Accelerator events last year, and I finally received it in the mail today. So let’s unbox it!

去年行われたR/GA Acceleratorのイベントの際、運良く抽選で当たったRingly。今日やっと郵便で届いたので、早速中身をあけてみましょう。

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My much anticipated 1st blog post

I am starting a blog about my work and interests in technology and art. I will be adding new posts as well as retroactive entries. Any posts dated prior to January 3rd, 2015 were added retroactively and dated to describe when the event happened or when the project launched. This blog is going to be in English and Japanese.


TheDrum Article on Creative technologists from R/GA New York

The UK media and marketing publication The Drum asked me and my fellow creative technologist Joe to show them our desks and talk about what inspires us.

メディアマーケティングの情報誌を発行しているイギリスのThe Drum。各界のクリエーティブテクノロジストのデスクまわりや、インスピレーション源についてのインタビューシリーズが好評のようで、私と同僚のジョーがインタビューされました。記事の日本語訳は後日付け足しますのでお楽しみに。

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Nike Innovation Summit 2012

During the 2012 Nike Innovation Summit in Lower Manhattan, Nike announced their new Bluetooth and sensor-enabled Nike+ sneaker. For the event, they asked us to create the software that visualized the live data received from the sneakers via Bluetooth, as the athletes on the stage performs dunks, foot fires and jump ropes. In the multi-player mode, the players were able to compete against each other. The software was used during the live presentation on the big screen, as well as on the several kiosk screens set up at the TrialZone area for the media coverage.

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NikeLab wins Cannes Cyber Lions Gold 2005

My very first project at R/GA was NikeLab ’04. NikeLab is a website that tells Nike innovation stories. I was pretty much the only programmer on this project, but I was so fortunate to work with such a talented pool of people. It was months of long days, late nights and weekends of working, working and working. It won a Cannes Cyber Lion Gold the following year.

R/GAでの初仕事はNikeLab ’04でした。才能にあふれる人達に囲まれ一緒にみんなで作り上げたウェブサイト。プログラマーは私ひとりだった為、何ヶ月も毎日夜遅くまで、週末まで献上することも余儀ない日々。しかしチーム全員が努力を重ね最高のものを作っていきました。翌年カンヌ・サイバー・ライオン金賞を受賞しました。

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