“Jury Duty” at Material ConneXion

I was asked to be on the jury to vote for this month’s materials selection for the Material ConneXion LIbrary.



Material ConneXion is “a global materials consultancy with the world’s library of advanced, innovative and sustainable materials and processes.” Today I visited the NY office for the first time as an invited juror, and I got to browse the library before the selection process began.

The theme for this month’s selection was all about ‘wearables,’ and I got to see the latest innovative inventions and technologies in the materials that we’ll all be seeing in the world of wearables in the near future. I can’t wait to find out which materials made the cut!



Material ConneXion Jury: A Unique Perspective
Material ConneXion Library Tour

– – – – –

Updates: Below are the materials that made the cut.

Material ConneXion®
February 2015 Jury – CONNECTED

XONano Smartfoam by Nano Composite Products, Inc. (Components & Switches)
blue spark by Blue Spark Technologies (Power)
DuPont PE872 Stretchable Silver Conductor by DuPont Microcircuit Materials (Circuitry)
DuPont PE772 Stretchable Encapsulant for Wearables by DuPont Microcircuit Materials (Coatings)
Thinfilm Smart Label by Thin Film Electronics ASA (Systems)
Ultra-Thin Glass by Schott AG (Substrates)
Walki® Pantenna by Walki Oy (Processes)

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