Nike Innovation Summit 2012

During the 2012 Nike Innovation Summit in Lower Manhattan, Nike announced their new Bluetooth and sensor-enabled Nike+ sneaker. For the event, they asked us to create the software that visualized the live data received from the sneakers via Bluetooth, as the athletes on the stage performs dunks, foot fires and jump ropes. In the multi-player mode, the players were able to compete against each other. The software was used during the live presentation on the big screen, as well as on the several kiosk screens set up at the TrialZone area for the media coverage.


I made the front-end software in Processing (Java). The sneakers sent the live motion data to our desktop console app using Bluetooth, and then that data was sent to the Java software. After the summit, I made a couple of more versions to roll out into the retail stores and other Nike events. It was localized in English, German, French and Chinese. The following months it travelled from NikeTown NYC to Dunk Competition in LES to a big Nike event in Harajuku, Tokyo.


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Nike Innovation Summit 2012

Article on Nike Innovation Summit
Video of the Nike Innovation Summit presentation

Video timecodes:
1:12 Presentation demo (stage): Heatmap
3:29 Presentation demo (stage): Jumprope
4:20 Presentation demo (stage): Footfires
5:18 Press demo (4 stations)

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Watch TrialZone in action

Video of TrialZone at Nike Ugokidase Station in Tokyo
Video of TrialZone at NikeTown NYC

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Read Articles on TrialZone

Article on Nike+ Dunk Competition in LES NYC
Article on Nike Ugokidase Station in Tokyo

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Nike+ TrialZone Installation at NikeTown Midtown NYC 2012




Nike+ Dunk Competition in LES NYC 2012



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