NikeLab wins Cannes Cyber Lions Gold 2005

My very first project at R/GA was NikeLab ’04. NikeLab is a website that tells Nike innovation stories. I was pretty much the only programmer on this project, but I was so fortunate to work with such a talented pool of people. It was months of long days, late nights and weekends of working, working and working. It won a Cannes Cyber Lion Gold the following year.

R/GAでの初仕事はNikeLab ’04でした。才能にあふれる人達に囲まれ一緒にみんなで作り上げたウェブサイト。プログラマーは私ひとりだった為、何ヶ月も毎日夜遅くまで、週末まで献上することも余儀ない日々。しかしチーム全員が努力を重ね最高のものを作っていきました。翌年カンヌ・サイバー・ライオン金賞を受賞しました。

Nike Lab Cyber Lion Gold
Type of entry: Websites
Category: Sportswear, Fashion & Clothing
Advertiser: NIKE
Product or Service: NIKE FOOTWEAR
Advertising/Design Agency, City: R/GA, New York
Country: USA
Art Director: Jerome Austria
Copywriter: Josh Bletterman/Thomas Pettus/Jamie McPhee
Designer: Gui Borchert/Mikhail Gervits/Elena Sakevich/Phil Lubliner
Technical Director: Kumi Tominaga
Producer: Jennifer Allen/Matt Howell
Director: Can Misirlioglu/Kazz Ishihara
English Synopsis Brief/Objectives/Target Group: is a showcase for NIKE’s most innovative footwear and a collaborative digital installation gallery — where leading artists from around the world create engaging experiences that push the boundaries of what’s possible on the Web. While the Mayfly experience focuses on two artists celebrating the process of creating a simple, lighter shoe, the NIKE Free experience was a collection of reflections on the observation of nature as a means to understand and inspire creativity. In Restoration, 3D and Flash animation create a construction environment where users can interact with and learn about the restoration of NIKE’s first cross-training sneaker.

Full Experience (Requires Adobe Flash)
Official List of Cannes Cyber Lions Winners 2005

nikelab_0 nikelab_1 nikelab_2 nikelab_3 nikelab_4 nikelab_5 nikelab_6 nikelab_7 nikelab_12 nikelab_8 nikelab_9 nikelab_10 nikelab_11

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